New Songs – 3.16.09

always taken

please kiss these lips tonight– they’re dry
i’m waiting…
sit close to me i’ll hold you tight
until morning.
i won’t close my eyes– i’ll open wide
because i’m watching
to see you sleep all through the night
and your breathing
just when i find hope,
you’re always taken.
so how will i find love
when you’re always taken?

under the knife

i can’t strip away the pain
or break apart the sorrow
i don’t want to live through this
or even face tomorrow
you’d trace it back to me
and hold me to my actions
but i won’t put up with any of this
or let you impose detraction on me
you hate me–
you thought i couldn’t be what you deserve
but say that you’ll at least remember
save me from being someone you could hurt
shape me into something you remember

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