10 Little Ways to be More Sustainable and Make a Big Difference


World Vegan Day is a celebration of a vegan diet and a time to bring greater awareness of following a more sustainable lifestyle. The world is constantly changing, and in recent times, it does seem like changes for the worse are coming faster and faster, with the impact of climate change becoming increasingly obvious. Thankfully, many of us are working hard to do all we can to combat climate change, live our lives more sustainably, and reduce our negative impact on the planet. We are all aligned to the same goal, to ensure our planet is a safe and beautiful place for ourselves and the generations to come. 

But sometimes it can be hard to think of ways to be more ‘green’ and environmentally friendly. It may feel like any tiny changes you make to the way you live your own life are fairly pointless, but you need to look at the bigger picture. If you personally make several small changes, then these add up to a greater change for the better. If many people make many small changes, then this in turn can have a huge impact. If we all play a part, we really can make a difference and protect the future of our world. 

So in celebration of World Vegan Day, here are 10 tips for easy ways in which you can live a better, more sustainable life…

Eat locally produced food

Where do your fruit and vegetables come from? So many of us pick up our supplies and don’t give it a thought, but when you begin to read the labels, it all starts to sound like an exotic vacation around the world! With mange tout from Zimbabwe, sweet corn from India and tomatoes from Morocco, the food we eat is more well travelled than we are! Just think of all the fuel used to ship those around the world to end up in your salad. Even worse if you forget to eat it and it ends up in the trash can! So rather than shopping at the supermarket, buy your goods from local fruit and vegetable stores or farm shops, selling produce grown locally. It will be so fresh and it will taste amazing too. 

Cut out single use plastics

It’s easy to identify your single-use plastic items and replace them with products you can wash and use over and over again. Drinking straws, plastic cups, plastic food wrap can all be replaced with reusable alternatives.

Ditch the fast fashion

When you’re shopping for clothes, think carefully before buying the latest on-trend items, especially if you’re the sort of person who will not want to wear them when they’ve gone out of fashion. Look for classic, quality items that will last for years, from companies with a good reputation for ethically produced goods. 

Don’t throw away anything that could be reused

Before you put something in the bin, think about whether it could be repurposed. You can donate items to charity goodwill shops or a homeless shelter, or you may have a fresh use for your items within your own home. An old jumper could make your cat a cosy bed, a biscuit tin becomes a storage box for hobby supplies. Even old towels and bedding can be put to good use by animal rescue centres. Selling your items is also a great option. It brings you some extra cash, and it may just prevent someone else from buying another brand new product. 

Use sustainable hair and beauty products 

In every aspect of your life you can be more sustainable, so bear this in mind every time you’re shopping. In a survey, 46.4% of people stated that it was very important that their haircare products were made sustainably and so with this level of demand, it’s no surprise that the shelves are full of sustainable hair and beauty products so you can make the best choice. 

Shop second hand

So many products with life still left in them end up in landfill. Do you really need to buy new? Why not give a new home to clothes, electrical products or furniture by buying second hand. You’ll save money too! 

Consider all your journeys and look at alternatives

Cutting down on using your car is a great way to be more sustainable. Can you walk or cycle instead or take public transport? Can you combine several trips out into one? Perhaps you can carshare with someone else to cut down on journeys together?

Get inventive to reduce food waste

Throwing food away is frustrating in so many ways. It’s such a waste of food and a waste of money too. It can help to keep a list of the food you have, so nothing gets forgotten, you’ll find apps available for this purpose. If you have something left over, search for recipes to use it up. Check use by dates regularly and use older produce first. 

Choose products with little or no packaging

Reduce your waste by not buying it in the first place! Opt for loose produce rather than that which is pre-bagged and take your own reusable bags to the store. Make a point of avoiding products that are over-packaged. They may look attractive but it really serves no other purpose and will only end up in the bin. 

Recycle everything you can 

So many items can now be recycled so make sure you take full advantage of your local recycling services. From paper and card, metal, plastics and food waste, to clothes and shoes, electricals and batteries, there is so much that can be recycled, so do be sure before you put anything in the trash. 

Good Luck on your Sustainability Journey

We hope our tips are useful to you, and that you’ve picked up some ideas to help you play your part in protecting the future of our precious planet and we wish you all a very happy World Vegan Day!