3 Tips to Grow Lemon Haze Marijuana Strain for Beginners


Experienced or novice, everyone knows in the world there is a lot of strains to select and in this article, we have mentioned one of the most loved, lemon haze marijuana strains. We have mentioned some tips to effectively grow a strain from super lemon haze seeds. This article highlights the tips of cultivating a lovely lemon strain, which is popular for its dazzling lemony flavor & aroma. This strain tastes similar to lemon & provides a hit with its tangy flavor.

The strains give additional energy to carry out your work, and it is considered to be the best while you need to complete any task or project. It is gaining a lot of popularity in the cannabis world and well-known among experience pot lovers. Patients with mental disorders like depression & anxiety can utilize this strain, as it allows therapeutic benefits. It is also effective and beneficial for physical pain.

If all of the things sounded great to you about the super lemon haze strain, then you can consider planting one with the help of this guide. Here are some tips for growing the super lemon haze cannabis strains.

1- Properly transplant the plant

After sprouting, you must transfer your plant into a holder as it begins to show some signs of growing. If the leaves start to grow at the edge, then you must consider it’s the right time to transfer the seeds. If you don’t transfer the plant into a new holder, the plant’s roots will get covered with the soil’s exterior, which will not allow the plant to grow properly, preventing it from consuming its nutrients & water.

You can cut the holder away instead of taking out the entire plant, or you could even use something around it to take out the plant easily. Work very gently while transplanting the plant without harming or disturbing the seeds. You should not disturb the plant again after transplanting the plant into a new holder.

2- Consider adding silica for high yield

It’s a good idea to utilize silica while cultivating the strain to increase its life cycle and to get the best yield possible. Note that while using silica, you shouldn’t add it again unless the plant absorbs it.

Once you start cultivating your plant in soil, the plant can absorb a huge amount of silica, and if you choose your plant to grow in the hydroponically medium, then your plant will naturally get no silica. If you want high yields of super lemon haze, consider adding only 20% silica and then consider adding more and more while it’s in the flowering phase.

In the market, you’ll find silica products in the form of a sprayer or as a root feeder. The substance will add more pH to your plant and feeding ingredients. Remember, once you consider purchasing it, you must go for products that have at least 8 percent of the substance.

3- Remove the insects

One of the major issues many cultivators find is the problem of aphids on the plant. Usually, these insects suck fluid from the leaves, bring many infections, and other insects to your area. They are generally green, dark black and brown in color with 1 to 3mm of the size that can be easily seen by the human eye.

One can easily spot these pests, usually on the branches or leaves. You should use pest control spray to get rid of it. Ensure you keep the area clean and hygienic so that there will be no chance of pests and diseases.


These were some tips to grow your lemon haze cannabis plant perfectly.