The Increasing Rate of Alcohol Addiction or Abuse In Older Adults


Over the past couple of years, it has been noticed that seniors or older adults have become more prone to alcoholism. This can be due to many reasons like depression or just enjoying the high feeling that we get after drinking it. But this can become a habit that can make their health worse. Thus, detecting these early signs of alcohol addiction is very important.

One way to get rid of this dependence on alcohol for these seniors is by quitting alcohol. You have many such rehabs in the US that specialize in senior alcohol abuse.

The treatments include helping the patient to get out of this addiction, monitoring their withdrawal symptoms, and helping them overcome any future triggers and urges.

Detox to Rehab has explained the various withdrawal phases that a senior can go through. They specialize in helping these seniors to get out of this phase and lead normal life. They are here to help you navigate through your journey to sobriety and come out of this addiction problem.

What are the causes of this alcohol addiction in older adults?

There are many different reasons for alcoholism in adults. This includes:

  • Empty nest syndrome (when their kids have grown up and must have left home)
  • Loss of Friends
  • Different health issues
  • Traumatic events like a spouse’s death or illness
  • Sadness
  • Boredom in life

As alcohol is a depressant, it releases endorphins in the brain giving them a feeling of pleasure or happiness. This can lead to addiction or dependency, which will affect not only their health, but also the people around them.

The most common health conditions that can be affected by severe addiction to alcohol include high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, and even liver damage.

So, when you see any elder person around you showing some symptoms of alcoholism, it is better to seek professional help immediately before they face any serious consequences.