The Suggested Methods of Filter Treatment


Following are the ways for cleaning hot tub filters:

  • Quick wash your hot tub filters with clean water every week. This is going to help to keep the debris from building up as well as the chemicals from gnawing at your filter product. By doing this, you will permit your jacuzzi filters to work a lot more successfully as well as last much longer.
  • Chemical rinses your filters utilizing a conventional filter cleaner each month. Spray the filters down with the cleaner as well as let them sit for around 15 minutes. This is going to allow the chemicals to sink and do its task. After that, with clean water, rinse the filter completely up until all the soapy substance is gone.
  • Chemical soak your day spa filters overnight every 3-4 months. Some swimming pools, as well as jacuzzi supply stores, could provide this solution; however, it’s truly simple at residence with a 5-gallon plastic bucket as well as some jacuzzi filter cleaner.

Additional Hot Tub Filter Cleansing Tips

You must successfully cleanse your filter(s), so it does not damage them. Get the most you can from it prior to you need to alter it.


  • Never Ever Make Use of Bleach


While bleach is a wonderful cleaner for many different things, do not utilize it on your filter. Certainly, it will come out shimmering clean; however, the bleach will harm the fibers, greatly lowering the life of the filter.


  • Avoid Household Cleaning Company


While house cleaners are wonderful, prevent using them on your hot tub filter. If you do utilize them, you could find that you end up needing to deal with a major foam problem in your health facility.


  • Do Not Use a Dishwashing Machine


While that filter might seem excellent for the dishwasher, do not use it. Yes, it will come out looking spick-and-span; the effective wash will break down the fibers minimizing the efficiency of the filter.

On top of your water treatment, you need to care for the parts of your hot tub that are accountable for cleaning the water on a regular basis. Your jacuzzi filter cartridge takes a defeating at all times, particularly if you take pleasure in normal soaks.