4 Tips to reduce excessive melanin on skin permanently


Who does not want to have an even-toned bright skin? Have you ever wondered why we have different skin tones? Why does skin colour vary so much? Well, the skin has a pigment known as melanin. It is the primary reason behind skin darkening. Here, you will know how to reduce melanin in the skin so that you can refrain from tanning and skin-darkening effects.

Melanin is a natural pigment that gives colour to our skin. Not only is skin, but it is responsible for hair and eye colour. Melanocyte is a particular type of cell that produces melanin by tyrosinase (an enzyme) synthesis. Before we understand how to reduce melanin or how it can be controlled, let us know how it affects the colour of the skin.

How Melanin Affects Complexion?

The key lies in the rate of melanin production. The more melanocyte cells synthesize the tyrosinase enzyme, the higher is the amount of melanin production. From a general point of view, a person with high melanin concentration looks darker in comparison to someone with a lower melanin concentration. Hence, melanin is the key factor that determines our skin colour.

In some cases, melanin gets accumulated in a specific area under the skin. That area becomes visibly darker than other body parts. This causes an uneven pigmentation of the skin. Therefore, it is necessary for us to have a basic knowledge of how to reduce melanin. Melanin production can be controlled naturally and artificially.

Tips to Reduce Excessive Melanin

You can reduce excessive melanin in many ways. Some are artificial ways that involve laser therapy and chemical hyperpigmentation treatment. However, you can take care of it naturally as well. Here is a list of tips for you on how to reduce melanin.

#1 Use Sunscreen

By now, we know that sunlight triggers melanin production. To avoid that, you can apply sunscreen lotion which slows down the process of melanin production due to sunlight.

#2 Clinical Procedure

If there are any ingredients that will help brighten your skin, then that is alpha arbutin. It performs better than most of the ingredients that promise to do the work. Many dermatologists prefer alpha-arbutin over Vitamin, kojic acid, etc.

Alpha arbutin is one of the most effective ingredients that helps to lighten the complexion, fade away spots and provide a brighter complexion. Alpha arbutin releases hydroquinone over time, which inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme that is responsible for the production of melanin in the skin.

Besides alpha arbutin, you can also consider niacinamide AHA, which works better than Vitamin C. Niacinamide mostly contains antioxidant properties, intense moisturising effects, the ability to reduce excess sebum, fades hyperpigmentation and introduces brighter skin tone. In fact, many products contain the goodness of alpha arbutin and niacinamide where the former works effectively for lightening the skin while the latter works for various skin conditions.

#3 Natural Procedure

In addition to protecting yourself against the sunlight, you can also use many natural ingredients to help stop excess melanin production. Ingredients such as lemon juice, tomato, orange peel, etc. help a lot. However, these ingredients may take time to show the results.

#4 Skin Serum for Tanning

Skin serum is a great product that will help you with multiple skin issues effortlessly. You can go for the skin serum that is meant for skin lightening and brightening the complexion. Niacinamide skin serum works wonders for tanned skin since it helps reduce the dark tone and fade away spots. Luckily, you can now also get alpha arbutin skin serum available in the market. They are excellent for reducing melanin production and fading away tanned skin.

So, now you know how to reduce melanin, all you will need to do is find the right product and use them as per the instruction. Moreover, you must know that it takes only a few minutes for the sun rays to turn your skin dark. So, precaution should be taken to avoid sun tan.