About CBD and Its Impact on Parkinson’s Disease


CBD is of great medicinal value that’s why it is used in various medicinal cases to treat people. Not only physical health issues, but also helps to improve mental health too. For example,CBD is used for anxiety and stress management, Parkinson’s Disease, Cohn disease, and muscular disorders. Let’s know more in detail about the effects of CBD on health issues.

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About Parkinson’s disease

Before knowing about the effects of CBD on Parkinson’s disease let’s have a little knowledge about Parkinson’s disease. It is a disorder that affects the central nervousby damaging the neurons of the brain that greatly affects the movements and sometimes it may lead to tremors. Here the dopamine level also falls rapidly.

Effect of CBD over Parkinson’s disease

In various studies, it is found that CBD has a more effective impact on Parkinson’s disease as compared to the other drugs that have been used to treat Parkinson’s disease.It also acts over seizures and can help patients to get some rest.This is how CBD works over Parkinson’s disease:

  • neuroprotection: in Parkinson’s disease as mentioned before the neurons get damaged by the neurodegenerative agents, which affects the transfer of impulses. However, with some research, it has been found that CBD protects the neurons from the degenerative agents andweakens the agents, which don’t let them damage to a greater extent.
  • Helpful in case of seizures: seizures sometimes can’t be controlled by using other drugs such seizures are known as refractory seizures which are very harmful. However, it has been found by a study atthe University of Pavia that CBD greatly helps in reducing convulsions and hence can be used to treat active seizures.
  • Helps in cases of movement disorder: due to the damages in the neurons of the brain the movements get affected greatly. It leads to the loss of postural reflexes, muscular rigidity, tremors, and bradycardia-like conditions and doesn’t allow a normal movement.

However, recently the Universityof Colorado school of medicine has shown that CBD can be very helpful to restore postural abilities by getting in contact with the endocannabidiol system.

  • Improves motor functions: due to the degeneration of neurons and their dendrites the impulses can’t be transferred which leads to severe conditions like akinesia, bradycardia, hypokinesia which can be severe with the increasing degeneration. However, it has been reported that CBD can reduce degeneration and can improve the patient’s postural conditions.


So far with the latest research and studies, it has been proven that CBD can be used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

However, while using the products it’s important to get the well-tested and verified product.