Aftermath of RT-PCR Positive Result in the Capital of India – Delhi


The covid-19 pandemic has instilled fear in the hearts of people about the virus. It is often that people worry about testing positive and don’t know what they would have to do in case they catch an infection. It is important to know all information, including RT-PCR test costs in Delhi, so that people have easy access to RT-PCR Testing to see if they have the virus. Since normal traveling has resumed and lockdown restrictions have been lifted, people have relaxed following protocols, and many have already started catching the virus. 

What to do when Covid-19 RT-PCR Test comes positive in Delhi?

Rising cases of Covid19 in India have shown that people are not following covid protocols properly. It is important to get yourself checked by going for an RT-PCR test to make sure you don’t have the virus. If you fail to follow the norms or act ignorantly you may infect others including your loved ones. RT-PCR test cost in Delhi is not very high so everyone is recommended to get themselves tested periodically to see if they are safe from the virus. In case you test positive for the virus, here are some guidelines you should follow:

  1. Quarantine yourself immediately 

The first thing that you are required to do in case of a positive result is to Quarantine yourself at home or a center. You can check the RT-PCR test cost in Delhi and the price of Quarantine centers online. Do not mingle with people at home or outside and do not travel anywhere till you have recovered completely. 

  1. Call a Covid-19 helpline for advice 

People who have tested positive can call their respective local helplines to receive further guidance on how to tackle the disease. There are different numbers available for a call and the number for Delhi is +91-11-23978046. You can ask the receiver for various information like RT-PCR test cost in Delhi, hospital availability, oxygen supply, doctors, medicines, etc. They will provide you with extensive advice on what you should do during the infection.

  1. Consult a doctor online or through calls

After you have received a positive Covid-19 result, you need to consult a doctor who will help you with medicines. While there is no fixed medicine to cure the virus, there are some that will help you recover faster and lessen your symptoms. Follow your doctor’s advice and you will get better in no time. It is recommended to consult doctors online or on call so that you don’t risk transmitting the virus or breaking your home quarantine. 

  1. Go to a hospital in case of complications 

Not everyone will react to the infection in the same way. Some people, especially immunocompromised ones, will have severe symptoms that will include vomiting, high fever, breathing problems, etc. In this case, it is recommended to shift the patient to a hospital where they would receive additional care from professionals.

  1. Get your family tested

Sometimes despite maintaining quarantine, family members may catch the virus from infected persons. It is recommended to test the patient and the entire family about 21 days after receiving positive results. This is to ensure no one else has caught the virus and the patient has healed. Do not travel or resume your work before getting healed completely. 

Catching the virus can severely affect one’s health and well-being. Therefore, it is necessary to always maintain protocols and save oneself from being exposed to the virus. However, sometimes people may catch the virus anyway and would need home or hospital care to recover. You need to have information on the RT-PCR test cost in Delhi handy so that you can test yourself and your family when in doubt. In case you do have an infection, be mindful not to break quarantine and put others’ lives at risk.