Back Pain, And Its Different Causes


    Health is defined by World Health Organization as a complete state of physical mental and social well-being. People are serious about their health nowadays more than ever. When it comes to health there is an old age saying “prevention is better than cure” which means living a healthy lifestyle and trying to avoid diseases in the first place is the primary motivation of people. But even after taking all the care one can take for their health like from exercise, yoga, to eating organic healthy food and avoiding toxins like king and drinking, unfortunately, people still get diseases. But recognizing early symptoms of diseases is always helpful before it gets something serious and advanced. The most common symptoms of a body when they are exposed to some kind of pathogens are Fever, allergies, or any kind of pain like joint pain teeth pain, or back pain.

    Pain in simple words is a bad feeling that our nervous system generates in response that all is not well in our body. Pain indicates any organ or an organ system is not working properly. 

    Back pain (ปวดหลัง, which is the term in Thai) is the pain experienced in the posterior part of the human body. It can be anywhere extending from the neck to buttocks. Sometimes back pain has no underlying causes or any serious illness. It can be just due to aging or some extensive physical workout or a bad posture during sitting if sleeping. But sometimes back pain has underlying causes.

    The Most Common Causes Of Back Pain Are:

    Strain In Muscle Or Ligaments

    Strain or any kind of pressure on the muscle of the back can cause muscles of the back to get pulled and sometimes in serious injuries tear of the muscle can occur as well. It is easy to diagnose and can be treated with proper rest and if needed some analgesics.


    Spina chord fracture can cause backache. The exact location of the pain may depend on the exact location of the bone that has fractured. Fracture spinal chief takes a very long time to heal. Fracture of the spinal cord can sometimes even cause very serious permanent damage like paralysis and unable to control bowel and bladder.

    Slip Disc 

    A very common cause of backache. The spinal cord consists of some disc along with bones. This disc sometimes slips or gets dislocated from its place due to some wrong position or extra strain in the first. 


    Sometimes the reason for back pain can be due to cancer of the slink cord or cancer of the kidneys