Expert tips for a longer hair


A lush mane of lustrous hair is what every lady desires. But not everyone is blessed to have naturally long tresses. Experts believe that some work goes into obtaining a long shiny crown of hair on the head. Are you wondering how you can achieve hair growth with some useful tips? Then consider these expert tips for longer hair.

1 – Have you taken vitamin-H today?

Yes, longer hair can be stimulated with the regular intake of vitamins meant especially for this purpose. In addition to a balanced diet, make sure to consume hair growth pills that have the best vitamins for hair growth. Such supplements for hair growth are proven to aid faster hair growth.

2 – Regular massage helps

Have you been skipping out on regular hair massage? Then resume it to promote hair growth. Proper massaging techniques help improve blood flow to the hair roots and thus drive better hair growth. Use a dependable product like the hair scalp massager from Kerotin to drive maximum benefits from this step.

3 – Prevent hair breakage

While normal hair breakage is okay, you should not exacerbate the occurrence. Use a soft microfiber towel to prevent unnecessary hair breakage. Similarly, experts recommend using a silk pillowcase instead of other materials to avoid hair breakage.

Say hello to hair growth

Make sure to use the right hair care products from trusted companies like Kerotin, so that your hair growth objectives are met easily.