Tips to normalize high blood pressure


In our country, about 30% of adults have high blood pressure – this is almost 70 million people. Hypertension is one of the most common diseases, but there is still no common understanding about the disease. It is important to diagnose and treat high blood pressure early, which can seriously harm your health, even if you do not feel hypertension. It increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, and death.

Fortunately, most people can affect their blood pressure without treatment. You need to start with what would normalize your weight. After that, we offer several ways to completely remove addiction to the disease, look younger, live better and live longer.

Here is a quick video which explains High blood pressure is a reading elevated over 130 mmHg explains Dr Syed Ahsan, Consultant Cardiologist. High blood pressure can increase your risk of developing heart problems in the future.

Take time to walk.

Hypertensive patients who walk at a brisk pace help their body to lower blood pressure. Walking helps the heart get oxygen and use it more efficiently. Get energized by warm-up for at least 30 minutes, say on odd days of the month. Try to increase your speed and distance over time.

Breathe deeply

Breathing slowly and being aware of the flow of inhaled and exhaled air, as in yoga and tai chi, will reduce stress hormones that raise levels of renin, an enzyme that in turn raises blood pressure. Try breathing for 5 minutes in the morning, as you woke up and before bed.

Treat yourself to dark chocolate

Dark chocolate bars contain “flavanols”, which makes the blood vessels more elastic. In a recent study, 18% of subjects were hypertensive who ate 15 grams each. dark chocolate, containing 70% cocoa every day, were able to lower their blood pressure.

Reducing salt in the diet

Table salt is a poison for hypertensive patients. Its excess leads to fluid retention, deterioration of metabolic processes and, as a consequence, provokes uncontrolled jumps in blood pressure. The maximum waste dosage that can be consumed without the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders does not exceed 5-6 grams. But it is worth remembering that salt is found in all industrial products, so canned food, smoked meats, sausages, dried and salted fish, etc. should be abandoned.

Consult a cardiologist london

After checking the results of 12 studies, experts have found that coenzyme Q10 reduces blood pressure by more than 10 mmhg. An antioxidant essential for energy production and vasodilation. Talk to your cardiologist in London about starting Q10.

Alcoholic drinks – but in moderation.

According to 15 studies, the less alcohol you drink, the lower your blood pressure. But a study of women in Boston, for example, found that drinking alcohol can actually lower blood pressure. The approximate rate is: 360 ml of beer, or 150 ml of wine, or 60 ml of spirits.

Other studies show that drinking alcohol in moderation in women in a pleasant society can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Get help to stop snoring.

It’s time to pay attention to your partner’s complaints and treat yourself for snoring. As per the study, in many sleep apnea patients, the hormone “aldosterone”, which can raise blood pressure. In fact, it is believed that half of all people with sleep apnea have high blood pressure.