Is there a recommended frequency for seeing my dentist?

young woman doing dental checkup. Dentist is using an angled mirror

Some people postpone going to the dentist and only make an appointment if they experience a dental emergency. Others are skipping their scheduled sessions because of the stress and limitations brought on by the ongoing pandemic around the world.

It’s essential to keep up with routine dental visits if you want to maintain the finest possible oral health and cleanliness. But how frequently should these trips take place to your Columbia family dentistry?

Why do I require routine dental appointments?

We learn early on that frequent dental visits are important for maintaining the health of our teeth. What occurs during these appointments, though that is so crucial for our smiles? Your dentist will give your smile a complete cleaning and check it for any potential issues during a normal visit.

Plaque and tartar will be removed from areas of your mouth that are typically missed by ordinary brushing and flossing by the dentist. By doing this, harmful plaque and germs are prevented from sticking to your teeth and creating long-term structural damage.

During these visits, your dentist will also perform an oral health examination where they will look for decay, gum disease, and other issues on your teeth and gums. If they discover any problems, they can take immediate action to fix them, preventing them from worsening and necessitating later more involved and costly dental procedures.


Dentists advise that routine dental cleanings and examinations be scheduled every six months for the typical dental patient. This presents a perfect opportunity for dentists to detect tooth problems and address them before they seriously and irreparably destroy your smile.

Some people might need to go to the dentist more frequently. Three or four routine dental appointments per year may be required for senior patients, those who are more likely to develop tartar, and those who have underlying medical concerns.


Although we may practice meticulous preventative dental care, incidents may still happen that cause harm to our smiles in between these regular dental checkups. Never be reluctant to call your dentist or make an emergency appointment if you are experiencing any oral issues.

Even if a condition seems trivial, like tooth sensitivity or bleeding gums, it could signify a more serious dental disease. If you discover any recurrent tooth problems, visit your dentist. These issues might worsen and seriously impair your dental health if you overlook them.