Pilates private lessons West Kensington


    If you’re a person looking to enter a great private Pilates class in West Kensington, we’re here to help you out. Maybe you haven’t found the right Kensington studio or instructor. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you get moving. You may be from nearby locations like Fulham or Hammersmith, too. No to worry La Dolce Studio is going to be the ideal choice for every one of you. First of all, before you start all these lessons, you’ll have a lot of questions about what Pilates is.

    What’s the Pilates?

    In simple terms, Pilates is a type of exercise. To be more precise, it’s a type of exercise that aims to strengthen your core muscles. Pilates facilitates versatility, flexibility, and alignment. This is a great low impact workout that will be perfect for anyone. Nowadays, Pilates has become a trend in pop culture, where fitness has revolutionized and is on the rise worldwide. Have a look at: pilates private lessons West Kensington

    There are two types of Pilates:

    Mat focused-This is more of yoga that is based on the initial exercises.

    Reformer – with the aid of the “Reformer” unit, this is achieved with spring and resistance bands.

    Joseph Pilates

    That being said, it wouldn’t have been possible or existed without the man himself, Mr. Joseph Pilates, who went from a sickly boy to a skier, a diver, and even a boxer. Joseph began Pilates with one thing, a balance between body and mind. He developed the Reformer with the addition of a bed and some rigged springs and resistance bands. It’s the same thing we’ve been using for classes in West Kensington to this day. So Joseph will teach Pilates classes to everyone all his life. More specifically, he trained ballet dancers and rehabilitated patients. He would also take the Pilates from Germany to the United States. He also went on to teach Pilates until he died. And so, until now the legacy of Pilates has been carried on to us by his followers.

    As we all know, Pilates is meant to enhance your spinal stability and core strength by doing special exercises in a specific way. Joseph Pilates has always measured one’s well-being with spinal flexibility. This is for everyone no matter your age.

    Pilates can be a rigorous exercise, but, fortunately, it’s also a correction for us. By focusing on balance, we change everything from bad posture to overall flexibility. So Pilates is a type of exercise that can be personalized to fit everyone’s level. This can be practiced by people who are beginners or who are trying to get away from injury, as each level is great for everyone. No wonder top athletes and MMA fighters embrace Pilates.

    Pilates works not only on your fitness but also on your wellbeing. If you have a few abs in the process, consider it a bonus. It can energize the nervous system, and it can also boost your memory. It also calms your feelings, releases and soothes the emotional tension that will help to relax your muscles, which will alleviate stress and anxiety for a long time, so that you will be free from mental issues. So on the whole, once you start your class, go to private lessons that will help you stay out of your injuries. The La Dolce studio is also led and founded by Daniela Colognesi. She studied osteopathy while looking for the corrective mode of exercise. Then she found Pilates. She is a well-trained coach and massage therapist. So this is going to be a good place to get stronger and healthier.