Selection of the Water Dispenser: What Are Functions It Must Have


Once the (right) choice has been made in a company to equip itself with a water dispenser, the first question that arises is that of the type of equipment to choose. If we leave aside the rather marginal option of atmospheric dispensers, should we choose a bottle dispenser or a network dispenser?

The Different Types

These two types of hot or cold water dispenser operate in fairly different ways. Their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages are also very distinguishable. The main technical characteristics to be observed relate to the simplicity of installation, the ease of use, the simplicity and regularity of maintenance and, of course, the quality of the water and also of hygiene.

Lastly, the choice will impact the level of the overall cost, the acquisition and the use. What type of business water dispenser should we choose, then? Here is our comparison of water dispensers.

The water bottle dispenser: the most economical alternative, but not necessarily the most practical

Alkaline water dispensers has the advantage and the disadvantage of being independent of the general running water network of the company. This gives rise to several specificities, both at the technical and economic level.

Technical characteristics and use of a water bottle dispenser

At the installation level, bottle dispensers are advantageous:

– A simple connection to an electrical outlet is enough to start the machine,

– The machine can therefore be installed absolutely anywhere.

However, this advantage of simplicity is no longer verified after installation:

– The quantity of water available is limited.

– It is necessary to handle large and heavy cylinders.

– You will need to have an appropriate room, sheltered from the air of any contamination and sunlight to store these cylinders so as not to end up dry.

– A supply subscription somewhat limits this problem. If the service provider regularly delivers full cylinders and collects the empty ones, in terms of maintenance, the constraints are relatively light:

– The dispenser must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

In terms of water quality, the bottle water dispenser has the advantage of depending only on the type of bottle. It can thus be used for:

– Spring water

– Mineral water

– Carbonated water

In terms of hygiene:

Be careful, however, in maintaining and cleaning the machine regularly to maintain this advantage in water quality. A bacterial accumulation can occur in the machine in the absence of regular disinfection as well as in the cylinders if they are left open too long.

Cost of using a carboy dispenser

The water dispensers for cylinder companies have the advantage economically, but for a while:

The dispenser itself costs relatively less compared to the network version, which amounts to S$800 on average. As part of a subscription, the bottles cost around S$8 per unit, which is less expensive than bottled water, but more expensive than tap water. To give you a concrete opinion on the price of a water dispenser, it is ideal to first make a simple estimate.