Suffering From Obesity Problem Then Cetilistat Is Best


Obesity is a health issue that is, caused due to the accumulation of abnormal fat in our body. To cure this, illness a drug was designed and named as Cetilistat. That is a formula of a new version of orlistat that is an old medicine that is, used to treat obesity. It works like an old drug as it releases pancreatic lipase. It is an enzyme that helps in the breaking down of triglycerides. That helps us in the hydrolysing of triglycerides. If these triglycerides do not break down, then these will form into fatty acid that results in undigested. 

Remedial approaches to treat obesity ultimately, this drug do a Great Job. 

Some of the treatments that fail and Cetilistat had overcome them:

  •  SNRIs are Serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors, this is used to treat anxiety disorders, long-term chronic pains, and nerve pains. In the end, this treatment had failed to treat obesity.
  • Lipase inhibitors, Cetilistal, is also a lipase inhibitors drug that acts on lipases to reduce its action. Its fundamental purpose is to decrease the gastrointestinal digestion of fats.
  • B 3-adrenoreceptor agonists, it is a drug that helps us in softening our muscles and relaxing. This drug also failed to treat obesity.
  • Leptin agonists, this drug directly acts on the central nervous system and stimulates CNS to increase appetite and food intake. That leads to resulting in abnormal obesity. 

These are some of the drugs that failed in treating obesity, and Cetilistat had shown positive results by overcoming these all drawbacks. The general dosage is 80-120 mg that is prescribed by doctors, but before using this medication, it’s appreciable for taking doctors’ advice. There are also a few side effects of taking this meditation, but we can overcome these side effects by following some health care tips related to our side effects. We can use this meditation only if we want to lose weight. 

This medicine also is taken if we are suffering from the following health problem: 

  • If our BMI is levels are more than 27, and we are suffering from an obesity problem at the same time, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • We can also take this medication even if our BMI level is high, which is more than 27.
  • Not everyone will have these health problems for using this drug for weight loss.

We should take doctors’ advice before using this drug even if we are not suffering from the health issues that are mentioned.