What Are Drug Withdrawal And Its Symptoms?


Withdrawal from drugs is called detox or detoxification. This is a state when people cut back or quit the usage of drugs or alcohol. People develop a psychological or physical dependence on a specific drug. 

Some symptoms of drug withdrawal tend to be mild and sometimes severe too, based on several conditions, such as age, the process of withdrawal, the period for which a person has been taking the drugs, age, psychological features, the type of drug the person is taking, and the physical health of the person. 

What is a physical dependence on drugs?

Physical dependence is when a person takes a drug for some time, and his body relies on it to feel normal. If the person stops taking the drug, he begins to witness withdrawal symptoms in this condition.

What is a psychological dependence on drugs?

Psychological dependence is when a person believes he needs a specific drug to function well. The person might think he requires it for some particular situation or all the time.

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