What are the qualities of the Blueberry Autoflower seed strain?


The Ruderalis offers a potent cross between Indica and Sativa. The presence of the Ruderalis genetics within a seed makes it a totally different form of weed plant that doesn’t depends on external stimulants like light, heat, or soil for flowering. It automatically starts flowering once it reaches maturity. Hence, this type of seed is known as autoflowering seed. Their high yields and low maintenance during cultivation make autoflowering seeds like Blueberry autoflower a hit among newbie growers.

What distinguishes autoflower seeds from others?

Typically, feminized seeds yield flowers only when they are cared for with optimal temperature, lighting, and soil conditions at different stages of their flowering period (around 8 to 10 weeks). If the growers don’t provide ample care to the seeds in this stage, they might not blossom at all. But with autoflower, it is different. They will bloom irrespective of the weather and temperature conditions outside. Once they reach maturity, they will start blooming even in harsh weather conditions.

Though the Blueberry Autoflower seeds strains may pack some potency, they are great for users who want to plant their marijuana plant. And Autoflower sources are a favorite with users who want buds sooner.

When looking for auto seeds, buy a pack that reveals genetics to get high-quality buds and ensure consistent plants that reflect the exact components.

About Blueberry Autoflowering seed strain 

First, let us learn the unique ingredients that make this strain so desirable for consumers worldwide. Without having any doubts or confusion, one can say that this plant builds a potent high. And all these special qualities come from the core ingredients that go in this great strain.

Let’s take a look at raw ingredients of Blueberry.

Indica 70%, Sativa 20%, Ruderalis 10%, THC 20 %, and CBD 0.5%.

Effects, flavor, and fragrance 

It induces sleep and heals as it is an Indica-dominant strain. The THC and CBD balance works for both medical and enjoyment use with essential qualities of THC and CBD.

The Blueberry weed has a smell with hints of sweetness, vanilla, wood, and berry. This strain can make you hungry. The effects are calm, relaxation, and sleep. It is a weed you can have when you want a good sleep.

The growing details 

Blueberry Autoflower makes an excellent choice for growers who want a quick bud. It is ideal for users who want hidden methods of growing their marijuana in their backyard. This delectable plant changes from a seed to a flower or bud within a timeframe of 8 to 10 weeks.

Planters can expect it to reach a height of 75 cm inside and reach medium height outside.

One finds a harvest between 450 to 470g/m2 when grown inside and a medium yield of 70 to 120g/plant when grown out.

It also grows well in a greenhouse environment and easy for beginners also.

Over to you 

Choose your blueberry Autoflowering seeds from a professional company that stocks excellent brands or grows its supply. Connect with a reputable seller who follows industry standards on quality products and follows excellent delivery standards.


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