What is the diet you have to follow post gastric sleeve?

What is the diet you have to follow post gastric sleeve

Just doing the gastric sleeve surgery does not automatically help in weight loss. After your gastric sleeve surgery it is vital that you follow a certain diet to enhance your weight loss so that you can get the body shape that you desire.

A diet after gastric sleeve post-op is recommended to avoid complications and help in recovery. As time progresses, your diet will gradually shift and improve to a healthy post gastric sleeve diet that will help reduce your weight and maintain a good body shape as suggested by the Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Lubbock.

Here is a sample diet after gastric sleeve surgery:

Week 1

For the first week you will have to follow a clear liquid diet as your body needs to recover from the surgery and you do not want to stress your digestive system.

  • Drink plenty of clear liquids. Ask your doctor to suggest you some good electrolyte drinks.
  • You should avoid any drink with sugar. Too much sugar entering your small intestine might result in constipation and thereby result in complications. Sugar is also mostly of empty calories and should be avoided in the long term.
  • Caffeine drinks must be avoided as it can result in acid reflux dehydration.
  • Carbonated drinks must be avoided as it can result in gas and bloating.

Week 2

Two weeks after your surgery you will move on to a full-liquid diet. Here are some tips to be followed:

  • Avoid sugar nutrition shakes
  • You can consume instant breakfast drinks
  • Unsweetened milk can be included into your diet
  • Protein shakes are a good source of energy
  • Pudding which is non-fat and free of sugar
  • Fruit juices can be included in your diet but this must be without pulp and diluted well in water.
  • Oatmeal and thinned cereal can also be included.

Week 3

You can move on to a pureed food to your diet. You should chew the food thoroughly and swallow slowly. Here are the foods that you can include:

  • Baby food can be included into your diet
  • Silken tofu
  • White fish that is pureed and cooked well.
  • Cottage cheese
  • Hummus

It is best to avoid chunked food.

Week 4 and beyond

Now you can safely move on to solid food and move on to a long-term eating plan that your dietician will suggest to you. Keep in mind to consume more proteins and vegetables and avoid too much fat and carbs. The food you need to avoid is too much sugary items and also soda.

Following this diet after Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Lubbock and thiswill ensure that you have a smooth transition to a normal diet.