What vitamins help fat loss?


Having a fit body does not only make a person look great but also prevents one from many diseases. To have a fit body means to have a healthy weight. In reality, it can be difficult for a person to actually lose weight or lose fat. Aside from exercising and making changes in diet, some may choose to take supplements such as taurine chewable tablets to help achieve the desirable weight. The question now is, what kind of supplement or specifically vitamin that helps losing fat?

1)    Vitamin B- Vitamin B complex can help a person lose weight. Vitamin B helps to break down the food we eat and turns it into energy. Vitamin B itself helps to boost a person’s energy level that helps a person to do more exercise without feeling fatigue easily. Studies show that vitamin B deficiency leads to a person experiencing sleep problems and feeling easily tired when exercising. Vitamin B also helps to increase the good cholesterol in the body known as the HDL. Higher HDL means that the body is able to eliminate the excess bad cholesterol or fat from the body through the liver process. Last but not least, vitamin B helps to relieve stress and prevent depression. Mental disorders can be a trigger for weight gain. Treating mood disorder by providing vitamin B not only helps to reduce negative symptoms but also helps to lose fat.

2)    Vitamin C- Vitamin C helps to improve a person’s level of metabolism. The better the metabolism is, the more fat that can be lost by burning the calories. Plus, vitamin C helps to replenish the body after exercise and helps a person improve their stamina level. Another way that vitamin C helps to lose fat is by making the muscle work efficiently to burn more fat. This is done by vitamin C helping the body to absorb iron that carries oxygen and nutrients for the muscle to function maximally. Vitamin C also helps the body to produce carnitine that helps to break down fat and convert it into energy for the body.

3)    Vitamin D- Studies show that a person with greater body weight is associated with lower vitamin D in the body and a person with obesity is often associated with vitamin D deficiencies. Another study shows that people taking vitamin D supplements lose more belly fat than those who don’t. Hence, making sure getting the body gained adequate vitamin D helps to lose fat and ultimately losing weight. Taking vitamin D with calcium can further help to boost the losing fat effect. Calcium helps to suppress hunger and to promote breakdown of fat.

In essence, vitamins do help a person with fat loss. However, it is worth noting that it is not a magic solution. Taking vitamins in forms of supplements does help a person lose weight by promoting fat loss. Although, it is best to get such vitamins from food and not make supplements as a food substitution. Besides that, exercising and workout should always be the main way to have a healthy weight and to burn more fat. If you are unsure why you are unable to lose fat or lose weight and keep finding yourself more tired or sick even doing many alternatives, it is best to seek medical advice. If you want to know which vitamin supplements or dietary changes that should be done, you can always speak to a physician or nutritionist for some insight. Before taking any supplement, make sure the supplement is approved by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) and is the last resort after trying to get nutrients from food.

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