Who Are Good Candidates for Denture?


Since there are different ways to replace a lost tooth, people will ask for help to choose the best replacement process. Dental implants are a costly surgical process, so it is only possible for some to try them. In contrast, dentures will be the best choice for those looking for a more straightforward method to replace their missed or lost tooth. In this dental replacement, an artificial tooth will get its location on your gum line and jawbone without any complicated surgery. These artificial teeth can be suitable for both women and men. So try this artificial tooth to improve your smile or increase your self-confidence. There will be a good question about these artificial teeth, who is the most suitable candidate for them? Also, it is good to know why people choose the removable artificial tooth instead of the stable method.

Who Are the Best Dentures’ Candidate?

A group of experienced dentists who provide affordable dentures in Toronto state that people who miss their teeth significantly and have very healthy jaw bone or gum lines can enjoy these artificial teeth too. Another critical factor to be a good candidate for this process is the number of lost teeth. Did you lose your tooth significantly? Do you have a healthy gum and jawbone? If the answers to these questions are yes, you can be a good candidate for dentures.

In case of losing or missing one or 2 teeth, it is better to experience dental bonding with more benefits. On the other hand, you can use these artificial teeth if you lose several of your teeth. 

Knowing these artificial teeth can be used fully and partially is also good. It depends on your number of lost teeth number and rows. You may not decide if you are a good candidate or not.

In these cases, you have to visit your regular and cosmetic dentist. They will examine your dental and oral health and then inform you if you are an excellent candidate to experience this process.

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Why Denture? 

As we said, the number of lost teeth is significant in choosing a tooth replacement process. You may need more information to select the best tooth replacement for yourself. 

For example, if you lose whole teeth, you can use the entire set of these artificial teeth. In the following, partial artificial teeth are also available for you to only fix some parts of your lost teeth.

These are 2 critical features and benefits of these artificial teeth. Based on the gathered information, this replacement tooth process can be ideal for those who want to have removable artificial teeth with a natural look. 

Unlike dental implants, these artificial teeth don’t need a root or screw on your jawbone, so you can remove them whenever possible. The immediate process of these artificial teeth is another reason to choose them. 

While dental implants or other surgical dental treatments are complicated and time-consuming, these artificial teeth are effortless to perform on your mouth. You can easily and quickly replace your lost tooth without hesitation and complex challenges.