Will I gain weight if I quit smoking?


Smoking cessation is one of the hardest things to do especially if you are a heavy smoker. It does require a lot of determination and also effort in focusing on your aim. The process is somewhat difficult because of the effect of nicotine, one of the harmful substances that can be found inside a cigarette along with other substances like tar and also lead. Nicotine acts as a messenger to the brain, sending brain signals so that our brain always looks for more nicotine, hence increasing the amount of smoking activity. This is the main reason why it is very hard to stop smoking. Some might quit halfway, and some might fail on their first day. People also are concerned about the side effects of quitting smoking such as gaining weight and so on. Obviously, the side effects of quitting smoking are not greater than the side effects of smoking itself.

You do not actually need to worry about gaining weight if you choose to stop smoking. This is because this side effect is somewhat temporary. Most people experience this side effect at the start of the process. Why is this happening? Why do smokers tend to gain weight when they stop smoking? Based on research done before, it is concluded that the culprit for this condition is nicotine itself. Once you decide to stop smoking, there will be a shortage of nicotine inside your body. Because of this shortage, your body metabolisms tend to become slower, hence causing your body to increase in weight. Besides that, the withdrawal effect of nicotine also caused an increase in hunger. So, people who try to stop smoking will easily get hungry, and as a result they will always eat some foods to relieve their hunger. This is the reason why you will gain weight when you stop smoking.

However, as mentioned above, you do not need to worry about this side effect because it’s not that harmful when compared to the side effects of smoking. Smoking cigarettes might increase the chances of getting lung and also heart diseases, particularly diseases such as cancer, heart attack, and also bad coughing. When you compare these diseases to the side effect of smoking cessation, it is actually worth it. Besides, this side effect can also be corrected through your change in lifestyle habits. If you do not 

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can do in order to stop the effect of gaining weight once you stop smoking. In fact, there are a lot of legit articles and resources out there especially on the internet on how to manage your weight. It’s just one click away. Basically, you need to start with your diet. Even though you are always hungry, you still need to control what you eat. You can try to refer to the food pyramid on certain foods that you need to eat and need to avoid. Remember to always take foods that are high in nutrition so that your body will get what it needs.

Besides, you can also exercise regularly if you do not want to gain a lot of weight. Of course, changing your diet alone is often not enough. To start your exercise routine, you can try small and light exercises first. You can choose between running, jogging, cycling, hiking, hitting the gym or swimming. Try to aim for 30 minutes of exercise per session and do it for 5 days in a week. You will be quite impressed with your result and your process with Gingko Tablets.