How long does it take for Proviron to start working?


Proviron is a synthetic derivative of dihydrotestosterone. It acts as an androgen-estrogen blocker, binding to aromatase thus blocking the conversion of androgens such as testosterone into estrogen such as estradiol. Proviron has moderate affinity for the androgen receptor (AR). Therefore, it is known to be effective in maintaining or increasing the potency of testosterone in its steroid cycle.

Proviron has been used for many decades to increase natural testosterone production and improve the effectiveness of PCT by increasing or maintaining existing testosterone levels during a steroid cycle. This action results from Proviron’s ability to inhibit the effects of estrogen and the added ability to bind strongly to sex-hormone binding proteins. This is thought to displace testosterone from its binding with SHBG, thus increasing free levels of active testosterone in circulation, resulting in greater anabolic action. it has also been known as a “bulking” drug which gains users size and strength.

How long should I wait for it to work?

It is recommended that Proviron be taken during the first half of a steroid cycle, two weeks minimum and three weeks maximum, at which time other anti-estrogens can be started. Proviron should not be used past the first half of a steroid cycle as there is insufficient data for its use in the second half.

Proviron should be used to block any adverse reactions by estrogen or progesterone and can help to prevent gyno (gynecomastia) and water retention. The overall result of using Proviron during a steroid cycle is a cleaner and clearer look, improved muscle hardness, improved vascularity and improved overall performance.

If I need to use aromatase inhibitors can I still use Proviron?

Yes, you can use the two products at the same time as there is no contraindication between them.

Most testosterones will convert to estrogen which makes it a good idea to maintain a balance between testosterone and estrogen levels in the body. This will ensure the steroid is working as effectively as possible by maintaining libido, nitrogen retention and muscle building. The more estrogen present in the body, the higher side effects such as water retention to high blood pressure may be induced which is not good when your goal is fat loss or quality muscle gain. Thus, using aromatase inhibitors is always recommended when using anabolic steroids.

What are the results of stacking Proviron with other products?

Proviron can be used for gyno prevention or water retention but may also have a positive effect on muscle hardness and vascularity if stacked with certain other products.

The following stacks are possible for using Proviron, but it will depend on the actual goals of the steroid cycle.

  • Masteron (Drostanolone): This combination provides a strong muscle-hardening effect which is beneficial for increasing muscle density and hardness. There will be no water retention or loss of size, so the muscles will look very full and tight throughout the cycle.
  • Testosterone: As Proviron has both anabolic and androgenic properties it can be used with various testosterones to maintain a good balance between the anabolic and androgenic effects. Proviron for sale can be used for its ability to inhibit estrogen as well as promote muscle hardness, muscle density and vascularity. The use of pro-vitamins, such as Vitamin B6 or Vitamin K will also provide added effectiveness although the use of DHEA should not be necessary if the athlete is using pro hormones.
  • Trenbolone: The use of Proviron with trenbolone will provide good results as it inhibits estrogen but also helps to prevent progesterone-related side effects which could occur when stacking trenbolone with testosterone ester or drostanolone.
  • Equipoise (boldenone): This steroid can be used with Proviron for muscle hardness and density. Equipoise also has a long half-life which makes it suitable for use in short cycles or shorter esters of testosterone such as Sustanon.

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