How to Wash Your Toddler’s Hair Carefully?


Washing toddler’s hair can be a challenging task for moms. If your toddler is capable and can take shower easily, then it’s not a big deal. But if your baby is small, then of course you have to help them to wash their hairs. It’s a responsibility of every mum to take care of their kids from eating to sleeping. If you are not pro in washing your toddler’s hair, then don’t fret because we are here for you. You are on the right page because in this article we will tell you some important tips. You can buy different bath products and baby care items without disturbing your monthly savings with the support of Collect Carrefour coupon from this site and apply at the cash counter in order to get discount. Read these tips and use them to wash your toddler’s hair simply and quickly. Let’s get started.

Brush First To Detangle Hair:

Before washing your baby’s hair, it is really important to detangle their hair as they can cause nuisance and difficulty. It is really easy to detangle dry hair as compare to wet hair. Take a good quality hair brush to remove tangles. This step is very important in and can solve almost 50 percent of your problems. Here we have mentioned a good quality hair brush for your baby:

  • OCCObaby Wooden Hairbrush:

As we discussed earlier that it is really easy to remove tangles when hair is dry. For this purpose, we recommend moms to consider this wooden hair brush. It is specifically designed for babies and effortlessly removes tangles without damaging baby’s scalp and hair. This pain-free hair brush stimulates the scalp and conquers obstinate knots.

Wet Hair Not Eyes:

Water can damage the kid’s eyes and increase difficulty for washing hair. It is imperative to protect eyes and wet hair only. For this reason, use handheld shower nozzle because with the help of this, you can easily wet toddler’s hair. Here shampoo is a vital product for washing hair. You can purchase plenty of gentle and safe baby shampoos. Utilize carrefour coupon which is obtainable from and get ultimate concession on entire baby product range.

  • Johnson’s Baby Shampoo:

As we know that, baby’s scalp and hair are very delicate so you should consider a gentle shampoo. We suggest you to select this shampoo as it cleanse baby’s hair easily. This sweet-smelling and gentle formula helps to improve baby’s hair growth and won’t hurt baby’s scalp.

Rinse Cycle:

To remove the particles of shampoo and dirt, you need a useful rinsing tool. This rinsing tool has rubber lip at the end that easily removes dirt and residue of shampoo from the scalp. This tool is also important as it won’t hurt baby’s eyes due to water. If you want to shop best quality baby care products then you should take benefit of carrefour coupon which is available at and obtain massive concession on different baby items.