Root Canal Treatment Can Be Painless with Sleep Dentistry


There are two methods of sedation that are done by dentists as they treat their patients. The first method of sedation is the conscious sedation (the patient remains awake). The other way is known as sleep dentistry, and the patient is unconscious during the treatment. Sedation helps the root canal treatment be painless, and there is no reason for you to be anxious about the root canal treatment.

You will find that modern dental clinics specialize in pain-free root canal treatments such as sleep dentistry.The following are ways in which you can benefit from the sleep dentistry as you get the root canal treatment;

Reduces the gag reflex

The gag reflex is responsible for ensuring that there are no intrusive materials that are entering your throat. The gag reflex is useful to every person but not when the dentist is doing a root canal treatment.

Some patients have a severe gag reflex, and the dentist finds it hard to operate on such patients. The reflexes can damage the patient, but with sleep dentistry, the gag reflex is neutralized.

Pain relief

Many people fear to visit the dentist in fear of pain. In root canal treatment, you need not be afraid of pain as the dentist ensures that you get sedatives that will ensure that the procedure is painless. Sleep dentistry is useful, and getting a root canal feels like getting a filling.

It is a significant benefit of sleep dentistry as it would be hard for operation to take place when the patient is feeling pain.

Anxiety relief

The use of anesthesia that enables the patient to sleep through the procedure contributes significantly to relieving the patient’s anxiety. It is hard for a dentist to carry out a root canal treatment on an anxious patient as many things could go wrong. Some patients may fear the doctor or the smell of the dental office makes the patient concerned.

The sleep dentistry gives the patient the relief of the smell or the sight of the dentist. Sleep dentistry is useful in anxiety relief as you do not know what is happening, and the treatment is done without you seeing or hearing what is happening.

Enables the dentist to work efficiently and fast

The sedatives get rid of factors that may hinder the dentist from efficiently carrying out the treatment, such as gag reflex and anxiety. The dentists advertising on Facebook can confirm that working on a sedated patient is more convenient. Different issues face different patients, and they necessitate the use of sleep dentistry.

Some patients may have sensitive teeth, inability to keep the mouth open for long periods, people with special needs, and other problems that may affect the dentist’s ability to treat the patient effectively. The dentist takes care of such patients by using sleep dentistry.

Bottom Line

There is no need to be afraid of getting a root canal treatment as it is entirely painless. Sleep dentistry has plenty of advantages, and you should never delay getting your root canal treatment as there is nothing to fear.