Things to Pay Attention to Before Your Big Day


Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort, especially when you try to minimize costs.

You don’t have to spend the next eight months of your life carefully making DIY goody bags, learning how to take your own wedding photos, or finding your own flowers if you want to save money on your wedding.

You’ll still end up saving yourself at least a few tens of thousands of dollars if you concentrate on the oversized items rather than the tiny ones. 

We know this too well as the leading bridal shop Singapore. Thus, here are the three main elements that will determine how much your wedding will cost.


Your wedding site will be your single largest expense, so spending a few extra hours looking around for a less expensive one could save you five figures.

At a five-star hotel, a wedding luncheon will set you back between $1,500 and $2,000 per table. 

Downgrading to a less expensive, three-star hotel can help you save a ton of money, amounting to $500 or more per table if your parents or husband insist on having the wedding dinner at a hotel, and there is no way you can fool them.

However, suppose you’re really committed to conserving money. In that case, it’s preferable to pick a cafe or restaurant or even get married in a public park.

Avoid weekends unless you really need to follow the advice of the fortune teller who claimed that Saturday is your most auspicious day because lunchtime and weekdays are less expensive.

Guest list 

So you’ve finally located the last affordable location in Singapore. 

But when you saw the total bill, why did you still have a heart attack?

That’s because the number of guests you invite directly affects how much your wedding will cost. 

If you have 100 tables because your parents invited their entire Kopitiam gang and their mahjong kakis, even a modest wedding venue gets pricey.

Additionally, a lot of people enjoy inviting everyone in their social circle, including classmates from elementary school who they haven’t seen in 20 years.

That is a formula for financial disaster. 

Since your closest friends are more likely to give more, inviting lots of individuals you don’t know well also results in a lower per-person ang pow payout.

Photographer and engagement session

For their photographers and cosmetics artists to travel to Paris or the Grand Canyon, some couples will spend five figures. Others simply skip the entire session and hire a photographer to document the wedding itself.

You will pay more if you want a full-day shoot at several locations in Singapore than if you only need a quick shoot at one.

The wedding day itself is no different. 

You will spend more if you decide to do the gatecrashing and tea ceremony thing and require the photographer to be on the move from 4 am till the end of the wedding feast than if you decide to have an afternoon ceremony and lunch and just need him to be there for a few hours.

Working with a bridal studio package Singapore can make all the difference.