A General Introduction to Under: Eye Fillers and their Benefits


Working late hours into the night; watching TV, or movies on our laptops, tablets, phones, etc hurts our eyes. We see dark-circles under our eyes, the skin becoming darker and sunken and lines appear extending from the inner corners of our eyes because of all the stress and hours spent in front of screens. The blue light from them harms our eyes and the skin around them. One of the methods to eradicate the shabby looks that make us look way older than our ages to get under-eye fillers.

Under-Eye Filler

Under Eye Fillers (Filler ใต้ตา, which is the term in Thai) is used for inducing hyaluronic acid, that is naturally found in our skin cells, to solve skin problems; helps the skin look smoother and firmer and naturally decompose unwanted skin pigmentation and imperfections. Therefore, this method is suitable for eliminating dark patches under our eyes and wrinkles from the eye area. The results are immediate and last 1-2 years.

Precautions to note before Filler Injection

Before you decide to go for eye-fillers because it seems like an easy quick instant process, here are some important details to read through before proceeding:

1.     People Who Can Opt For Fillers:

  • If you have dark patches/circles under your eyes that make you look tired always.
  • If you have deeper tear ducts and furrows that look like semicircle under the eyes.
  • Eye-wrinkles/wrinkled uneven skin around the eye area and is not radiant enough due to lack of hydration and dryness
  • The skin near the eyes has blackened from allergies.

2.     People Who Cannot Opt For Fillers:

  • Specific types of under-eye bags, like raised fat under the eyes when you smile, will need special care and treatment and only a specialized ophthalmologist will be able to help you with careful filling so that they aren’t uneven.
  • Know how much or how little of the filer is necessary for you – too much can result in stretched skin; it is best to let a professional or a doctor recommend the filler injections for you.

3.     Are Fillers Harmful To Us?

  • The substance used in fillers is naturally present in our bodies so it is free from allergic reactions.
  • The substance disintegrates without leaving any residues.
  • Make sure to check that genuine new filler injections are used such as liquid silicone, as problems in this procedure may be irreversible.

4.    Advice After The Filler Procedure

  • Make sure not to go for any sort of laser treatments in or around the eye for at least 2 weeks.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat, e.g. sauna baths.
  • Do not massage the injected area on the day of the filling procedure.
  • Make sure that you hydrate yourself periodically after filler injection.
  • Do not touch/drink anything related to seafood and alcoholic beverages.

Our eyes are the most important organs and we must make sure to keep the skin around them healthy and beautiful!