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February 11th, 2009

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a tribute to Tori Amos

January 25th, 2009

i’ve always cited tori as a major influence and inspiration, both as a musician and songwriter. her artistry, methodology, and purpose are unmatched in my book. i admit that i don’t like every song she writes. but at the same time, i’m totally appreciative and understanding of the fact that there’s more to it than just a catchy riff or melody. after all, when have you ever heard tori’s name and the word “mainstream” in the same sentence? yet, she still garners an unfathomable fanbase. her words and music speak to the individual on such a personal level, thus establishing a sort of relationship, so-to-speak. personally, i can connect more of her songs to past memories very vividly, more so than any other musician i can think of.

now, since her talent and ability are one-of-a-kind, i can only offer these up as my interpretations of the songs. i just hope i did her some amount of justice.

hey jupiter

cloud on my tongue

New Gear = New Recordings

January 22nd, 2009

some new songs and recordings…

your neverending failure

without a trace


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and some new gear…

New Songs – 12.20.08

December 21st, 2008


walk out into the night in my sleep, it’s 4am
tell me i could never be the one
silence speaks to me slowly, smoking through the tears
while i’m turning myself out, choking on the years
so hold on, we’ll figure things out,
talk it over and somehow make it through with no doubt
that we’ll drive into the ground

every time i think about you is just another twist of the dagger in my heart

lost in a million years time
guarded by the spaces of your mind
holding onto nothing but stars
scared by the silence of your heart… so quiet
so gone, you’re so gone now

The Sundays: Live + B-Sides

November 20th, 2008

Back in December of 1997, The Sundays played a show at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. When I found out about it, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to go. But I ended up getting grounded that week for embarking on a day-long adventure that I never told my parents about, only to call them later that evening to tell them that I was stranded with a flat tire. Boy, were they pissed. But thanks to some camera savvy fans and Youtube, I’m able to watch these videos and lament over what I missed out on…

And while we’re on the topic of The Sundays, they had some really great B-sides at the time Static & Silence was released. Be sure to give them a listen.


Life Goes On

Through The Dark

R.I.P. Cale Kastanek

November 12th, 2008

Taken from the S2000 forums…

“Cale was severely injured yesterday (November 9th) during the second time trial session at Summit Point Raceway. He’s suffered many internal injuries, but the most severe was a serious brain injury similar to what happened to Dale Earnhardt. Before we left the hospital last night at 2am, the doctor said there was no brain activity and was recommending the removal of life support. Cale’s family is there and will make the decision. His family and his girlfriend asked me to make this post to let his car buddies know what’s going on.

His car went off Summit Main’s turn 1, tracked to the left and struck a bare concrete wall near the skid pad entrance. No one knows what happened but most suspect some form of brake failure.”

Some of my fondest memories are of you, dude…

Like the time we decided to carry out the world’s dumbest idea by holding a “World’s Drunkest Man” competition. You were a trooper, up with the rest of us at 6am, for what was to be the longest day ever. And somehow, fittingly enough, it ended on a race track. Well, sort of. It turned out to be a go-cart track, which we eventually got kicked out of after Mark and I both passed out while driving. So it turned out that you won. You are still the reigning “World’s Drunkest Man.”

And I remember the first time I looked under the hood of your car. I was amazed, dumbfounded, and humored. You go down as the only person I’ve ever known to build a turbo system out of PVC piping.

Then there was the time when you fell asleep on the couch at 1139. Bru and I tried to wake you up and ask you if you had any cigarettes. But you started talking in your sleep, saying “You’re a hundred feet off!!!” That still manages to make us laugh, even now.

And then the last time I saw you, at Josh & Gina’s wedding… The Steelers were in a playoff game that night, so you went and bought a portable TV so you wouldn’t miss a snap during the wedding reception. Then afterwards, you insisted that we all take a limo to Murphy’s, even though it was only a few blocks away. Ah yes, Murphy’s… where this picture was taken, which I will forever cherish as the best (or worst?) titty twister ever…

I know we weren’t the best of friends, but that’s just a testament to your ability to touch the lives of even the smallest of people, further evidenced by the tremendous outpouring of support, prayers, thoughts, wishes, grief, mourning, and shock of so many others all over.

Rest in peace, man. You will be forever missed.


November 1st, 2008

chase… you are my hero.


October 30th, 2008


To the Tampa Bay Rays and their fairweather fans…


And to Joe Buck, Tim McGarver, all of FOX, ESPN, Fernando Vina, the Baseball Tonight crew, XM Radio and their shitty talk show hosts, and basically everyone outside the city of Philadelphia…


i CAN’T BELIEVE that no one thought this team could win it all–even after a close, but phenomenal game 1 win behind ace cole hamels, a loss in game 2 that was hardly overpowering by the rays, a spectacular and hard-fought victory in game 3, and a total shellacking in game 4. even up until the very moments before resuming game 5, all you idiots were saying that the rays had the momentum and would win in 7. you guys should really take your jobs more seriously as baseball analysts and stop saying what you think will get you ratings. you mistakingly underrated this team, and completely overrated the effectiveness of that rays bullpen. praise david price all you want, but he’s got a long way to go before he proves that he’s got the right stuff. and god bless the rays for thinking they had the momentum and looking forward to games 6 and 7, all before game 5 was even over!!! anyway, thanks for counting the PHILLIES out of it all post-season long. i look forward to you counting them out of it next season, too.

I tried to do handstands for you.

October 27th, 2008

i’ve got this Chairlift song stuck in my head now after seeing that dang ipod commercial a gazillion times on tv…


September 11th, 2008

This New Ocean LP

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